Environmental Advantages of Aluminum

Blog Environmental Advantages of Aluminum What does Winnipeg Deck and Raildo with the leftover scrapaluminum? Aluminum railings are manufactured by simplymolding the aluminum to a specific shape,otherwise known as aluminum extrusion.Aluminum extrusion can be very easilyrecycled. We bring all of our excess aluminumto a local scrap yard, where it can beprocessed. This ensures that the […]

Design of Railing Configurations with Front Step Pillars

Blog Design of Railing Configurations with Front Step Pillars Front step pillars are very common in manyhome designs, however choosing the correctrailing configuration for your pillar style can bechallenging. One of the most commonproblems is deciding how to install a railing ona front step that wasn’t designed to have arailing. The decision depends on many […]

Our Values on Front Step Railing Systems

Blog Our Values on Front Step Rail Systems The business reality The railing industry has a bad reputation forprice changes, mid-project upsells, poorcommunication and no-show installations. It’sbasic economics; right now the industry is insuch high demand that clients paying the mostget the highest priority. It can be difficult forthe “little guy” to get proper service […]

Railing Installation after a Hospital Visit

Blog Railing Installation after a Hospital Visit A story from one of our clients Mike recently visited Winnipeg Deck and Rail,after a car accident left him with a cracked riband a broken leg. Once simple tasks likepreparing breakfast, and walking up anddown his front steps became time consumingand frustrating. One problem he had was thatthere […]

Privacy and Windwalls

Blog The Advantages of Aluminum and Glass Privacy Walls What are the different types ofwalls available? Privacy Walls Privacy Walls are non-translucent walls madewith aluminum posts and either aluminumpanels or etched glass – Provide complete or partial privacyfrom adjacent decks or properties– Protect against sunlight and wind Wind Walls Wind Walls are translucent walls made […]

Railings for the Holidays

Blog Railings for the Holidays Safety during the holidays The holidays are a time you want to spend withloved ones, sharing drinks, late nights, andspecial memories. If you’re planning onhosting special events or holiday celebrationsthis season, you want everyone to have anamazing time. It is especially important tokeep up your property to keep everyone safe. […]

The Use of 45 Degree Railing Posts on Custom Decks

Blog The Use of 45 Degree Railing Posts on Custom Decks I have a very unique deck that hasa 45 degree angle, what are myoptions? 45 Degree-angled deck designs can be abeautiful addition to your home, but how willthese custom designs affect the railing?Luckily the HomeRail system has incorporatedposts which account for this design. They […]

Winter-Time Care of an Outdoor Deck

Blog Winter-Time Care of an Outdoor Deck Do I need to remove the snow frommy deck? It is not essential to remove snow from yourdeck if you do not plan on using it during thewinter-time. Decks are designed to withstandlarge amounts of weight, so the structure willnot be affected by snow and ice [1].Composite decks […]

The Fundamental Importance of Deck Blocking

Blog The Fundamental Importance of DeckBlocking How did my railing become sowobbly? The installation of a deck and railing can be anexciting addition to your home, but theabsence of proper support underneath thedeck can cause unstable railing posts.Although it’s common to associate this issuewith the tightness of the bolts, the issue maylie within the deck […]