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Railing Installation after a Hospital Visit

A story from one of our clients

Mike recently visited Winnipeg Deck and Rail,
after a car accident left him with a cracked rib
and a broken leg. Once simple tasks like
preparing breakfast, and walking up and
down his front steps became time consuming
and frustrating. One problem he had was that
there was only a grab rail on one side of the
stairs, making it difficult to grab on the way

The solution

Luckily, Mike decided to come visit our
company, as we prioritizes services when
someone needs it for medical reasons. Three
days later, we had installed a railing on the
other side of the stairs, so that Mike could
focus on his recovery.

What can we take from this study?

Unfortunately, injuries and illnesses can
happen at any time, which may hinder our
ability to climb stairs. These can include:

  • Normal aging or wear and tear
  • Arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis
  • Injuries due to sports or car accidents
  • Needing to use a mobility device like a


What steps can I take to
proactively prevent falling if I have
an injury?

Winnipeg Deck and Rail deeply cares about its
clients, and commits to providing them with
relevant information, and quality products.
Here are 10 stair railing tips for people with
mobility issues:

  • If you have open stairs get a railing on
    both sides so that you can use your
    dominant hand on the way up and
    down the stairs.


Most injuries take place on the way
down the stairs so take extra caution
on your way down.

  • Be sure your stairs are free of snow and
    ice, and any other debris that could
    make using them more difficult.

  • Use adhesive floor treads to provide
    greater traction if your stairs are
    polished or slick.

  • You may have to replace your stairs if
    the rise is higher than the standard 7
    inches, and you cannot lift your leg
    high enough.
  • Be sure the stairway is well lit
    especially at night, to avoid falling, and
    re-injuring yourself

  • If you have pillars, have a railing
    installed straight from the landing
    down to the bottom step.

You should see a physical therapist to
teach you the correct way to go up and
down the stairs, to use the handrail
and mobility devices like crutches.

  • It can take over a year for your muscles
    to recover, so it’s important to do all
    exercises given by the doctor, or
    physical therapist.

If you’re returning home after having surgery,
or dealing with an injury, Winnipeg Deck and Rail
takes that need seriously, can provide a quote
within 24 hours. We will prioritize your service
to have it done as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, give us a call or
request a quote on our website.