Winnipeg Deck and Rail Warranty Information

Winnipeg Deck and Rail products are covered under a 20 year warranty, which covers all of the following items:

  • Scratches, scrapes or any defects in the powder coat

  • Defective, rusted or broken lag bolts or fasteners

  • Weather damage (colour fading)

  • Accessory damage (post caps, pickets, brackets, bottom rail supports)

The following items are not covered under warranty:

  • Damage to concrete or patio stones as a result of heavy use

    Upon request of exercising the warranty, Winnipeg Deck and Rail customers are responsible for sending a photo of the damage to info@winnipegdeckandrail.com so that we may assess the damage and determine an appropriate course of action. Upon determining a course of action, an installer will be sent within 2 weeks to perform the repair.

For information regarding the manufacturers warranty, please click here